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SEND Sessions

At Urban Forest Tribe, we are dedicated to providing enriching and inclusive experiences in nature for families in our local and wider community. Throughout the year, we offer funded SEND sessions and home education SEND sessions.

Our sessions are thoughtfully crafted in collaboration with experienced professionals to deliver tailored nature connection experiences. These sessions are designed to cultivate an appreciation for the natural world. We carefully select sites that offer a safe and welcoming environment for exploration.

Each session is a blend of engaging activities, including natural crafting, sensory nature exploration, and guided tool use. Our planning process is thorough, with a focus on the children's interests and requests, ensuring meaningful and enjoyable experiences for all.

We are proud to partner with The Bridge Primary in Islington, working together to create a new on-site nature area for the long-term enjoyment of the school community. Our dedicated team of volunteers, alongside partners like London National Park City and local organisations, is actively involved in supporting and completing this project.

For more information about our offerings and how to get involved, please feel free to reach out to us at


E.D - The Bridge Primary

'Wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing forest school sessions at The Bridge Primary School. The progress we've seen in the kids is incredible! One child went from struggling with balance to now having better core strength and balance on the balance rope, and they absolutely love it. Another child who used to struggle with engagement is now actively participating in different activities after just a few weeks of sessions. Not only that, but we've noticed a calmer mood in the kids after the sessions. Forest school is truly making a difference in their lives. Thank you for everything you do!'

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