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Rooted Bodies

Connecting with Nature as we Journey through Menopause

This is a new monthly gathering where we will root ourselves in nature and explore this powerful time in our lives.  


Each month we will start our gathering with a welcome circle, allowing everyone to introduce themselves, explain what brought them to this space and where they are in their midlife journey.  The circle will be gentle and supportive - you can share as much or as little as you like. 


In each gathering there will be a meditation, guided breathing and gentle movement led by our resident Yoga Teacher and Menopause Expert, Ali Masterman. This will help to ground us in the season as well as offering practical ways of managing some common menopausal symptoms such as anxiety.  


Each month we will offer a seasonal craft or activity, guided by our Educational and Forest School facilitators Charlotte Pearson and Paula Harvey. This might include: whittling practical or decorative objects from green wood; experimenting with natural dyes; creating a nature journal;  an introduction to foraging; making seasonal herbal remedies; learning about the plants, animals and fungi found in our beautiful space; collaborative land art with found materials; cooking on the fire. From time to time there will be guest experts providing talks, for example a fungi foray in the Autumn.   


There will be plenty of time to hang out and relax within the beautiful space of the Old Orchard, perhaps lying in the hammock flicking through our selection of books on herbs, nature and menopause or releasing your inner child on the rope swing!


Ali, Charlotte and Paula will all be on hand to chat through the session activities, provide extra support if required and to signpost you to information that you might find helpful to meet your individual interests and needs.


There will be a selection of either seasonal homemade cordials, herbal teas and snacks to keep you refreshed. We are lucky to have a compost toilet onsite - so there’s no need for a tree wee (unless you want to!) and you can confidently drink as much tea as you like.


There will be limited numbers each month for the comfort of everybody.  We'll be providing 2 spaces per month at subsidised rates. These places will be allocated on a first come basis.


We want this space to be your YOUR space where you can be YOURSELF, maybe re-discovering who that person is. Come join us and let’s create a supportive community together.


Ali Masterman - Menopause Yoga Teacher


Ali Masterman is a yoga teacher with 17 years of experience, knowledge, and training.  She specialises in using Restorative, Yin, and Meditation techniques to support women in peri-menopause and menopause.  She is a member of The British Menopause Society and is a Menopause Yoga certified teacher, the only recognised menopause for yoga teacher training in the UK. Ali shares her time between teaching her extensive list of private clients, teaching at top London yoga studio triyoga, and teaching and supporting individuals on a variety of different yoga training programmes.

Charlotte Pearson - Educator

Photo from Urban Forest Tribe CIC_edited.jpg

Charlotte Pearson has been a qualified teacher for over 20 years, creating stimulating learning environments which prioritise play, creativity, and storytelling. She is also a Forest School leader and really enjoys providing a safe and nurturing space where learners can freely explore, take risks, be curious, and learn more about their place in the natural world. Charlotte has a keen interest in plants and their many uses, from medicine to craft, and is fascinated by the folklore and traditions surrounding our native trees and flowers. Nature connection has played an important part in Charlotte’s own menopause journey.

A chance to rediscover our connection to ourselves and nature during our second spring

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